uWear is owned by Anggrek-Liar or in short AL. uWear started operations in 2011 initially setup as a trading company for undergarments.
Soon we realized, to fulfill the ideas, quality and exclusivity, we had to organize our own design and production facilities.
Driven by efficiency, high tech and IT a medium size production facility was build, implementing the latest technologies available.
uwear.me was registered and started to develop exclusive fitness wear in small series, so small you could call uWear a tailor. Combining technologies and processes like no other. uWear now has a highly creative and motivated team designing and producing exciting fitness-, swim-, and underwear in very small series, exclusivity guaranteed. uWear, Just Different!



Company:   Anggrek-liar

Address:  Tumpang 46

50233 Semarang, Central Java,