Who is AL-Group

AL-Group or AL started operations in 2011 setting up initially as a trading company for undergarments in Semarang, Indonesia. Soon after trying to start up as a trading company the founding family decided that they had better setup their own design and production facilities. Sub-contracting, outsourced production and design simply was not living up to the expected levels of quality and premium feel the founders had in mind. Driven by efficiency, high tech and IT a medium size production facility was setup making use of the latest technologies available.

Today AL has 60 motivated employees that design and produce premium quality fitness wear and travel accessories, entirely personalized or customized mostly for the hospitality industry. AL completely tailors to the customers demands even in single piece orders if so required.

Commitment to high standards

We must:
Make customer loyalty and experience our key driver. Enable and motivate our colleagues to develop their creativity. Be committed to contribute to our clients success. Maintain an environment where our people can achieve personal and career goals. Display honesty and integrity in all our relationships. Ensure to make our company a great partner for employees and clients alike.

Tailor Made Services

Our Vision

To be the number one option for colleagues, customers and their relations.

Our Mission

To time and time again surprise our customers and in turn their partners and clients with creative and high quality experiences.


AL strives to produce premium quality garments and accessories, without compromising our natural resources. We are committed to serving as good stewards of the environment. We ensure that every supplier respects and conserves nature and manages waste, water and energy. AL has made the choice from its very first day of operation to limit impacts on the environment to a minimum and ensure that our operations implement responsible environmental practices.



Company:   Anggrek-liar

Address:  Tumpang 46

50233 Semarang, Central Java,