uWear provides safe and healthy working conditions, use fair hiring practices, treat their employees with dignity and respect, and adhere to environmentally responsible practices in manufacturing.  The Code incorporates international best practices in the areas of Labour and Human Rights, Health and Safety, Environmental Impact, Ethics and Management Commitment.


1.     Compliance with Laws


uWear and its designated manufacturing facilities fully comply with all applicable national, state or local laws and regulations including, but not limited to, those relating to labour and employment, immigration, health and safety, intellectual property, corruption and the environment. 


2. Labour Standards


uWear employment is purely voluntary. uWear adopts a zero tolerance policy on indentured labour, trafficking, slavery or child labour.


3. Labour Hours


uWear has a 8 hour workday during weekdays. Any additions are properly compensated.


4. Hiring and Employment Practices


uWear accurately verifies workers age and legal right to work in the country prior to employment. All terms and conditions of employment are be based on an individuals ability and willingness to do the job.


5. Compensation


uWear compensates all its workers and employees with fair wages, overtime premiums, and benefits that meet or exceed standards required by law.


6. Freedom of Association


Workers and employees are allowed the right to join associations and trade unions.


7. Health, Hygiene and Safety


uWear provides its workers and employees with a safe and healthy work place that (i) has in place adequate fire and life safety measures, systems, and equipment; (ii) is free of harmful pollution, toxic material and waste; (iii) has in place measures to prevent accidents and injury at work; and (iv) has adequate emergency preparedness and responses.


8. Environment


uWear is compliant with local environmental laws and practices including but not limited to those pertaining to waste disposal (proper handling of toxic and hazardous waste, segregation where regulated, etc), air emissions, pollution, discharges, etc.   

9. Intellectual Property

uWear does under no condition engage in any activities which infringe intellectual property rights.  The use of any intellectual property including trademarks and/or any copyright materials is strictly limited to the production of a sample with the purpose to provide that to the holder of the used trademark and/or copyright. Prior to any agreement a written consent/ authorization must be submitted by the rightful owner.


10. Gift & Entertainment


uWear recognizes that there will be occasions when it is appropriate, out of courtesy and relationship building, to give or receive small gifts of nominal value or provide and receive modest business entertainment to or from our business associates. uWear is committed to conducting all business without undue influence.


11. Conflict of interest


uWear never enters into transactions with clients employees that may create a conflict of interest.


12. Anti-Corruption


uWear is committed to abiding by all laws and regulations to prevent bribery and corruption wherever we do business. uWear does not offer or pays (whether directly or otherwise) any form of bribe as an inducement or reward for any business transaction.


13. Ethics


uWear treats it's workers with respect and does not use any form of corporal punishment, threats of violence or other forms of physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse on its workers and employees.

uWear has non-discriminatory employment practices in areas such as wages, salary, benefits, advancement, discipline, termination or retirement.


14. Financial Integrity


uWear keeps accurate records of all matters related to their business in accordance with standard accounting practices as required by law.


15. Communication, documentation and inspection


The uWear Code of conduct is freely available to all employees and is incorporated in the introduction days to the company together with job descriptions, company rules and sop's. uWear maintains records of all relevant documentation necessary to demonstrate compliance with its code, rules and regulations, and if requested may make these documents available to designated auditors as evidence of compliance.


16. Community


uWear fully respects the human rights of the communities in which it operates.