uWear is the most diverse and exclusive fitness brand in the world focusing on Exclusivity without Limitations. UWEAR tailors fitness gear from very exclusive to extremely exclusive.
-     L.U.X. - Limited Ultra Xclusive
-     G.E.T. - Geo Exclusive Tailoring
-     P.R.O. - Personally Realized Option
-     A.R.T. - Apparel Rarely Tailored
L.U.X. available in very limited numbers and when they go out of stock they are out of stock, as simple as that. On top of that we limit the availability per country. Strongly reduces the possibility to run into someone wearing the same gear. Delivered in our exclusive UWEAR can packaging.
G.E.T. guarantees that the chance of you running into a person wearing the same to a bare minimum. We do so by limiting the number of pieces produced, but also limiting distribution of similar products to countries as well as per city.
Delivered in our exclusive UWEAR can packaging.
P.R.O. many of our products can be personalized, the waistband, right leg, left leg or all of them. Write a text, pick a font, a background, and font color. UWEAR produces it for you as you design that on our website. Delivered in a personalized UWEAR can packaging.
A.R.T. Mail us a picture or sketch, explain us the theme or atmosphere you would like to see. Our artists will go to work and create a piece of art exclusively for you. Nobody will ever have the same. Designed, printed, and handcrafted exclusively for you and you alone. Delivered in our luxury gift box with a Silver UWEAR logo as part of our platinum collection. With a certificate signed by the Artist.